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Fiberglass Pond


square fiberglass pond round fiberglass pond

Fiberglass Garden Ponds are black and hold water, but the similarity ends there.
Thank you for taking a few moments to understand the advantages of fiberglass construction:

Easy Installation • Decorative pools can simply be set on top of the ground and surrounded by rocks--no hole to dig! Fish ponds (which need to be in-ground for winter operation) are also easy to install, as precise grading and a sand base is not required. A rigid fiberglass pool does not need perfect support to hold its shape and stay level. It will not cave in from backfill or cave out from water pressure should the hole you dig be less than perfect.

Professional Appearance • In a professional installation the pool edge is put 1/2" above grade (to prevent contamination from ground water) and is lined with rock. Cascades should be completely covered with rock for a natural appearance. In either case a fiberglass pond or cascade will not sag and collapse as will a semi-rigid plastic pond. If desired, cord seals for pumps or fittings for cascade tubing may be tapped directly through the thick sides.

Durable Operation - Leave your pond full in winter. Fiberglass gives with expanding ice and is not prone to shattering or puncture as are many plastics. The smooth surface is easy to clean with a cloth and plain water.

Lifetime warranty • against cracks and leaks to the original home owner (residential use only)

Made in the U.S.A. • Your fiberglass pond is handmade in United States America.

"The most durable prefabricated pools are made of rigid fiberglass, a very strong material that is almost impossible to puncture accidentally.

... Pools made of other materials, such as bonded resin and semi-rigid or ABS plastic, are also available. They are less expensive and more fragile. If you choose to use them, follow the instructions for installing fiberglass, but take greater care: Make certain they are well supported with soil or sand, because semi rigid pools may change shape, sag, or crack when filled with water if they are not adequately supported on all sides."As should be expected, fiberglass costs more to make and ship than blow-molded plastic a fraction of its weight. Consider quality and value for the dollar spent and install the professional material of choice. Our one-piece and Modular fiberglass pools utilize high-quality materials and a time tested process that give our pools added strength and durability. This proven process results in a pool that is stronger than ordinary fiberglass pools. All of our products are made with unsurpassed attention to detail resulting in the delivery of a fiberglass pool that is strong and durable and looks absolutely spectacular. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality fiberglass pool in the industry. Our pools come in many standard shapes, sizes, and colors. Visit our Fiberglass Fountain Pool Catalog to see the many standard and custom Fiberglass Ponds we have available. One of the many benefits of our fiberglass pools is that we can have the material tailored to accommodate the needs of your fountain or water feature project.

If you do not see something that fits the design or idea of your project, let us know!

We can provide just about any shape and size of fiberglass pool that you can imagine! Other Fiberglass Pool Suppliers typically offer only a 5-year warranty, while we offer a lifetime warranty against cracks or leaks for residential. We can give this warranty because our pools are simply more durable than other fiberglass pools.

Call us at 1-866-933-0071 for all your fountain needs.